When it comes to kitchen remodeling, Long Island homeowners have many options for creating a unique look. Sunview Enterprises offers many of them, including attractive, functional kitchen countertop materials. We understand that every homeowner has a different personal preference, and try our best to offer you a variety of choices. Let's look at some of the best types of materials for kitchen countertops.

Luxurious Kitchen Countertop Choices

There are several high-quality materials homeowners can choose for their kitchen remodel. Some are pricier than others, but are worth it for their beauty and durability. We can help you find one of these select kitchen countertop choices for your home:

  Concrete: The extra work put into applying stain patterns is what makes concrete something amazing. It is heat and scratch-resistant, but does require regular sealing.

  Granite: One of the most popular options, granite is available in many colors, is heat-resistant, strong, and low-maintenance. It can crack when not installed properly and stains if not sealed.

  Marble: Considered the ultimate luxury, marble is very beautiful, water-resistant, and heat-proof. However, it is porous and requires professional sealing to resist stains.

  Quartz: An engineered stone, quartz is available in many colors and patterns. It is a non-porous stain, acid, and scratch-resistant surface.

  Solid Surface Counters: These manufactured countertops are easy to work with and even to remove scratches from. However, they can stain and are damaged by heat.

  Stainless Steel: This modern material is heat-resistant and durable, but it can dent and be surprisingly loud when moving pots and pans around.

Affordable Kitchen Countertop Options

If you are planning a small kitchen remodel or just a refresh, you may want something more affordable for your kitchen counters. Some of these options are quite inexpensive for their beauty and functionality:

  Ceramic Tile: Create a bright, colorful design and enjoy the longevity of a heat-resistant surface. Tiles require regular maintenance, such as replacing chipped tiles and grouting every few years.

  Laminate Counters: Durable, low-maintenance, and available in a wide range of colors. However, laminate can be scratched, chip, and be difficult to repair.

  Wood: Depending on the species, wood can be affordable and attractive. It does need regular sanding and sealing to protect against stains and water.

No matter your needs for kitchen remodeling in Long Island, Sunview Enterprises works hard to ensure that you get the desired results. If you are researching different materials for your kitchen countertops and would like to learn more about our options, give us a phone call or fill out our online form. We'll be happy to schedule a free, at-home consultation with you.