A pergola over a table and chairs on a sunny day

Are you looking for something to make your Long Island backyard or outdoor space more beautiful and more functional all year round? A pergola from Sunview Enterprises is the perfect choice to transform your yard. The addition is not only beautiful but functional. It creates a place for entertaining and gathering while adding a pleasant shady place for everyone to enjoy themselves or to relax with the quiet peace of a warm evening. We have put together some of the biggest benefits customers experience from adding a pergola to their home.

A Pergola Increases Curb Appeal

A beautiful pergola simply looks great in your outdoor space. Maybe you want an attached pergola to blend in seamlessly with your porch or patio. Or perhaps you want a free standing pergola to cover an area like an outdoor dining space or a pool area. Your style might be classically Mediterranean inspired or sleek and modern. In any case, our pergolas are custom built to compliment your home and yard design perfectly. 

Providing Shade, Privacy, and Comfort

Spending time outside in beautiful weather with friends and family is a pleasure. But the feeling of the unrelenting sun beating down or neighbors looking in on you can spoil that joy. A pergola provides shade from the sun and increased privacy while still giving you the feeling of being out in the open enjoying fresh air and beautiful views.

Added Greenery

Not only does a pergola allow you to enjoy the existing plants and greenery in your yard, it offers a space to add to it. Vines and plants climbing up the posts and even across the tops of the pergola offer a spot to add greenery to your space. The sturdiness of the structure give you the ability to hang plants of your choice and add a new set of color and texture to your yard and home.

Low Stress

Our premium pergolas are made from the highest quality materials. They are low-maintenance and easy to clean and keep looking gorgeous. They are installed solidly on your foundation for exceptional safety and durability. The heavy duty aluminum will make sure your new pergola is built to last.

Find out more about how quickly and completely a pergola from Sunview Enterprises can upgrade your yard or outdoor space. For more information, give our team at Sunview Enterprises a call today or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation quote.