With a relatively mild climate in Long Island, area homeowners have numerous options when it comes to planting annuals to enhance the appearance of their outdoor living spaces. From filling in gaps between existing perennials to growing a vegetable garden, the possibilities for a lavish garden are endless.

At Sunview Enterprises, our family-owned company is focused on customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility. We reuse and recycle waste when possible, install eco-friendly materials for our home remodeling projects, and do our part to respect the earth. To celebrate our environment, our team wants your Long Island home to stand out with annual plants that showcase your unique personality and the beauty of our region. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to consider when choose annuals for your garden, so put your green thumbs to work and get planting! 

1.  Choose Plants for Your Hardiness Zone

The USDA plant hardiness zone for Long Island is 7a and 7b. When planning your Nassau or Suffolk County garden, it’s important to select plants that will grow successfully in these zones. Many seed catalogs, gardening magazines, and books are available to help you find plants for your zone, or you can ask the staff at your local nursery for recommendations.

2.  Mix Annuals with Established Perennials

If you already have established perennial garden beds, mixing cheerful annuals with your perennial favorites allows you to create a new look year after year. For example, if you already have azaleas or daisies, add in a few pink and green caladiums to enhance the visual interest of your garden.

3.  Combine Light and Dark Colors

To achieve a layered look in your garden, combine light flowers with dark accents to create contrast. Consider dark purple petunias with white geraniums and clematis to give your garden a beautiful lush appearance.

4.  Pair Warm and Cool Hues

You can really make a statement with your garden by creating bold color combinations. Think bright orange marigold paired with cool blue morning glory or agapanthus. Or perhaps a bed brimming with posies in contrasting colors.

5.  Enhance a Monochromatic Garden

If you prefer the look and feel that a single color garden provides, there are numerous ways to create an aesthetically pleasing display. Selecting annuals in a variety of shades and textures will keep your garden at peak interest. For instance, a red garden might contain plants in various pink tones, maroon, burgundy, red, and red-orange. You’re truly only limited by your imagination!

6.  Don’t Forget the Vegetables and Herbs

If you enjoy fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs, you definitely don’t want to leave them out of your annual garden. Whether you have a designated vegetable garden space or grow herbs in containers, companion planting with colorful flowers can help deter harmful pests, and certain combinations can even enhance the growth and flavor of your edible plants.

Did you know you could grow gorgeous annual plants year-round in Long Island? You can with a beautiful sunroom from the team at Sunview Enterprises! Call us today to learn more about our sunrooms, conservatories, deck enclosures, and more. You can also request a free, no-obligation estimate by completing our quickly online form now.