Knocking down walls and adding square footage aren’t always feasible options when giving your Long Island kitchen a facelift, but even in those instances, you can still make changes that will maximize your kitchen’s potential and leave you with a space that you’ll truly love. With some clever design tricks, it’s possible to take a smaller scale kitchen and make it look bigger.

As Long Island’s leading kitchen remodeling company, Sunview Enterprises has seen it all. We know how to optimize your kitchen’s style, space, and functionality. Whether you’re looking to complete a small kitchen remodel, a large kitchen remodel, or a simple DIY project, our Nassau County kitchen remodeling team is happy to lend you a hand and give you some awesome tips that really work!

Complete Your Kitchen Renovation With Simple DIY Tricks

There are lots of little changes you can make to improve your kitchen, but here are a handful of quick fixes that can make a huge difference without breaking your back or the bank. 

A New, Lighter Paint Job

Believe it or not, the colors you select for your kitchen can make a huge difference. The lighter the color you choose, the bigger your space is going to appear. Paint your walls and cabinets the same, lighter color, and it’s a total game changer. A new paint job is a relatively simple and affordable way to get instant results.

Invest in Sleek, Space-Saving Furniture

The worst thing you can do to a small kitchen is fill it with large, bulky furniture. If you have room for a kitchen island, choose one that’s not going to dwarf your space. Rather than getting bar stools with backs, purchase a few backless ones. Try to find furniture that has sleek legs rather than large, ornate features. Spend a little bit of time searching for the perfect furniture, and it will pay off in the end.

De-Clutter Walls and Countertops

Though some of us like to cover up every inch of our walls and countertops, doing so makes a small space appear even more confined. Be selective with what you display on your walls and countertops since a more open space makes it seem like there’s plenty of extra room. If possible, install your microwave within your cabinets, and consider replacing a few of your cabinet doors with glass-front equivalents.  


Lighting is everything. In your kitchen, a combination of natural and artificial lighting is best. If your room lacks sufficient lighting, it’s going to appear smaller than it is. If you’re able, install a skylight; at the very least, though, choose sleek fixtures that add to the natural sunlight. If you have heavy window treatments, get rid of them. Make your kitchen as bright as possible, and you’ll go a long way towards maximizing its space.

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