As an experienced Long Island addition company, we've helped thousands of homeowners enhance, expand, and improve upon their properties. Some homeowners know what they want before they even call us, while others are a little unsure of which type of addition to choose. Our Long Island remodelers are usually able to guide customers with advice and design ideas to meet their varied needs.

However, it helps to learn a little more about the many kinds of room additions available before you contact our contractors. Let's review some of our top seven additions for your home.

1.  Sunrooms

These inexpensive additions offer extra space in the home, while also allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in a protected environment. Most Long Island sunrooms feature large glass windows or walls, and aren't hooked up to the HVAC system. On the plus side, our sunrooms boast energy efficient glass, framing, and durable roofing to keep out the elements. This is a great spot for lounging, working, or to grow indoor plants.

2. Custom Decks

You'd be surprised at the lavish style and outdoor living that custom decks offer. While not enclosed, many decks are flat, elevated spaces where you can be outside without having to walk or sit on the ground. Decks are very popular for the backyard and provide a place to play, work, relax, and cookout.

3. Patios

These spaces offer sturdy, flat surface to walk, work, and lounge on around your property. Most patios are made with stone or concrete to ensure their durability and strength. Sunview Enterprises, Inc. also offers personalized patios made with recycled materials and green-building practices to protect your family and the environment.

4. Bump Out Additions

Sometimes, you have a tight budget or only need a little extra space. In these cases, bump out additions are a perfect option. Homeowners can opt to have one of the walls opened up and expanded outwards to create a variety of features, such as a:

  • Bay Window
  • Dining Nook
  • Closet
  • Utility Room

5. Conservatory

Similar to a sunroom, the conservatory allows homeowners to take full advantage of the light. This room boasts all glass walls and ceiling, making it a great place for growing plants and relaxing. It is a good choice for homes in forested areas or located in a valley as the design allows sunlight to enter through the roof.

6. Studio Sunrooms

Those with small homes or who don't want the heat loss of a full sunroom may want to consider a studio. Designed to tuck neatly into a property, these rooms may only have windows along one or two walls. Overall, they feel more like traditional rooms with heavier doors and energy efficient windows.

7. Room Addition

Whether you want a first floor addition or two story extensions, these Long Island additions are the most involved of projects. A full room addition increases the square footage of your home, but also requires proper insulation, roofing, electricals, and even plumbing. However, this home addition offers a variety of uses as a bedroom, study, bathroom, or kitchen.

If you are considering a home remodeling project, but aren't sure which direction to go, Sunview Enterprises, Inc. can provide in-depth guidance and design ideas. Reach out to our team by phone or our online form. We'll be happy to schedule a free, in-home consultation to review your options for a home addition.