Founded in 2009, Sunview Enterprises has been a trusted Long Island sunroom company for nearly a decade—but our experience in the industry goes back much further! As a family-owned business, we’ve been a part of the sunroom world since 1950, and we’re proud to offer the highest-quality products available on the market that are backed by exceptional service and installation.

There are countless reasons to choose to upgrade your home with sunrooms in Long Island, and many homeowners are going for increased curb appeal, higher home value, and additional floor space to accommodate the changing needs of their family. Regardless of why you are considering a sunroom addition, Sunview Enterprises offers a stunning selection of products to take your property to the next level! Choosing all the details of your custom sunroom is one of the most exciting parts of the process, and some of our most popular additions include:

  •  All-Season Rooms: We all know that the weather in Long Island can be less than ideal year-round, but what if we told you that you can still experience the best in indoor-outdoor living no matter the weather? With an all-season sunroom, that can be your reality, and these sunrooms create the perfect space for relaxation and entertaining. 
  • Cathedral Sunrooms: Who doesn’t love a little dramatic impact in their home’s style? There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd of other Long Island homes than with a cathedral sunroom. Sweeping lines, all-glass ceilings and walls, and versatile functionality make them perfect for a high-value home upgrade.
  •  Studio Sunrooms: Looking for a subtle way to get the sun-lit office or beautiful reading nook that you are dreaming of? Consider a studio sunroom! A popular choice for homes on the smaller side, these sunrooms open up your space with natural light while seamlessly blending with the exterior of your home.
  • Gabled Sunrooms: When you want to blend luxury, style, and practicality, gabled sunrooms are the right choice. With a stunning, peaked, glass roof and customizable design elements, these sunrooms offer a beautiful home addition that serves any purpose that you can imagine!

For homeowners in Long Island, sunrooms are a fantastic way to enhance home value in a competitive market while opening up the floor space in your property. And Sunview Enterprises is here to ensure that you get exactly what you envision! Learn more about why our eco-friendly, top-of-the-line products are perfect for upgrading your local home by giving us a call or filling out our online form today. We’d be happy to help you put together a design for your new sunroom during your free, no-obligation consultation.